Scanning Technology - Introduction

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  All Sales Staff, All Service Staff, MDS
  Industry Standard Training
  45  minutes
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Brief Description

  • You are sure to have used a scanner or worked with scanned documents at some point in your life. But do you understand how the scanning process actually works?

Target Group

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

Theoretical and practical contents

  • Types of scanner
  • Composition of a scanning system
  • Components
  • Image generation
  • Key terms
  • File formats
  • Scan destinations (file storage)
  • Fax - Troubleshooting
  • Fax - Jack and connection
  • Fax - Transmission rates
  • Fax - The fax process

After this training you will be able to…

  • provide a definition of the term 'scanning',
  • understand how a basic scanning system is configured,
  • know why scanners are used and in which situations,
  • understand the basic composition of scanners and how they work,
  • know how images are created,
  • be familiar with general scanning terminology,
  • know which file formats can be generated by scanning processes, the circumstances in which these are used, and how these files can be stored.


This course module is a "package" containing other course modules.

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