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  All Sales Staff, All Service Staff, MDS
  Industry Standard Training
  60  minutes
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Brief Description

  • In this e-learning course you will gain basic knowledge of colours and colour perception, and you will also learn about applying colour in the printing process.

Target Group

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

Theoretical and practical contents

  • Colour Theory
  • Light
  • Object
  • Perception
  • Colour Models
  • Colour Gamuts
  • Colour in the Printing Process

After this training you will be able to…

  • know what colour is and how it is produced,
  • know the difference between fundamental additive colours and subtractive colours,
  • explain the additive and subtractive colour models,
  • explain the term “colour gamut” and know that the perceptible colour gamut is different from the colour gamut that can be represented on screen or in print.


This course module is a "package" containing other course modules.

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